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About Us

World’s largest economy strengthens

We are a company with an emphasis on creating an itinerary that fits you.  Our excursion list is long, vast with time to allow a less rushed pace.  What makes us different, we can personalize your experience,  make you feel like you are part of the country.

Mexico is more than just beautiful beaches with sparkling clear waters.  We have created excursions to show you these marvelous places.

What makes of different from the larger companies?  They deal in volume, we deal in personalization, participation, service for to exceed your expectations.  It is our goal to want you to explore the areas we visit, which many of the larger companies don’t include.  You will have the opportunity to get to know Mexico in a unique way, a way that creates a conscience.  To see Mexico in a different way.

We prefer more intimate groups.  Our excursions are fun, cultural, filled with the flavor of local foods, entertainment and knowledge.

Mexico has a “history in the social media” as considered dangerous.  Most of the statements have truth in them, yet the “truth” has been sensationalized.  The areas we include are not on the other government list of unsafe areas.  We do though, allow for every precaution for your safety.  We are a local based company, run by a National along with an Expatriot.  Both of whom live in the area.

Choose one of our excursions or allow us to create an adventure for you!