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Chiapas – Villa Hermosa to Tuxtla Gutierrez


From Rain Jungle to Forests, to summer all year; Chiapas has it all. Beautiful ruins, lush rain jungle and mountain top forests. Our excursion begins with Villa Hermosa, which is the capital of the State of Tabasco, as we explore the downtown area, notice the architectural style. It has been called “miss matched to modern classic”. You decide.


Once we arrive in Palenque, you will notice a large busy town. After dinner, the hotel provides you with “friendly games” such as a pool table, checkers, and cards. In the morning, after breakfast we are off to Palenque. Palenque is quite a large site with only an estimated 10% cleared of jungle overgrowth. What is exposed, though, are some the best hieroglyphic inscriptions, which has given archaeologists much of the history of the site. Palenque is one of the most studied and written about Mayan sites, even today. During the jungle portion of the excursión note the multiple types of trees, such as cedar, mahogany, and sapodilla.


Dinner will include several local foods, at a nearby restaurant.


Next we are off to Bonampak. This is a self-guided tour, the wall coverings are unique along with being some of the better preserved. The size of the ruins here is small by comparison of many others, yet worth wild.


What could be more relaxing that a beautiful multilayer waterfall? Agua Azul awaits us. The waterfall is Amazing! There are many swimming areas here for your enjoyment. Lunch is served at the top where the afterwards area for swimming (if the weather is good). A quick drive to arrive at Misol Ha. Stand behind the cascading waterfall.


One more day of archeological sites awaits you. Yaxchilan is one of our favorites. A short 20 minute trip by boat and the fun begins. Here, we must first figure out the maze to enter the site. Once there you will explore what was once a large center, that was important throughout the Classic era. Yaxchilan was a dominant power of the Usumacinta River area. It dominated smaller sites such as Bonampak. A long rivalry with Piedras Negras existed, for a period of time with Tikal. In 654, Palenque and Yaxchilan warred.


Off to San Cristobal, the cultural capital of the estate. Casa Na Bolom, your lodgings, were the home of archeologist Frans Blom and his wife, Gertrude Duby Blom, the documentary photographer, journalist, environmental pioneer, and jungle adventurer. A free day is spent in San Cristobal, we suggest the Amber tour along with visiting many of the local shops and historical churches. The museum in the hotel is worth a visit


Day 1- departs Villa Hermosa – free hours downtown followed by lunch.

Arrive- Palenque, dinner at the hotel.

Day 2 – Palenque ruins, the tour of ruins and jungle are provided. Breakfast at hotel.

Dinner at 7:30 near the ruins.

Day 3 – Bonampak to tour the ruins.

Dinner in the hotel at 7:30

Day 4-Agua Azul with picnic style lunch at the tops of falls. Misol Ha waterfalls.

Day 5- Yaxchilan to tour the ruins. Then, on to San Cristobal.

Day 6-free day to explore San Cristobal. We suggest the Amber Museum, along with the three major churches.

Day 7-depart for Tuxtla Gutierrez for the airport.

The excursion includes: Transportation from your hotel on Sunday morning thru Friday drop-off at an airport, all meals except breakfast on Sunday, lunch on Thursday, Friday lunch. Hotel accommodations Sunday night thru Thursday night. All entrance fees along with guides. A photographer can be included for an additional charge. Airport pickup can be provided at an additional charge.