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Ek Balam / Black Jaguar

Ek Balam, (the Archeological Site) or Black Jaugar was a long lasting prosperous city located 2.5 hours from Playa Del Carmen. The architect and art is impressive. Ek Balam was a major producer of food, a large and prosperous city. From here, we will travel another 45 minutes to Rio Lagartos. Once here in the charming little fishing village, you may explore on your own after enjoying the local cusine. Your hotel is located on in front of the lagoon. Early the next morning, you will board a panga for a tour of the lagoon. Witness the beautiful flamingos in their natural habitat, swim in pure salt water that is invigerating for your skin. Once finished we will head back to Playa with a stop for lunch.


  • Customer pick up at pre arranged time
  • Ek Balam Ruins
  • Rio Lagartos for dinner
  • Spend night
  • Rio Lagartos for Flamingos
  • Valladolid for lunch
  • Return to hotel
  • Approx time 36 hours


2-4 people $400.00 per person

5 or more people $348.00 per person

2 people per room, single room is $40.00 extra

*NOTE: all excursions times are approximate! We allow each group to explore at their pace.

Excursion includes: round trip transportation from your hotel, entrance fees at Ek Balam, guide fee at Ek Balam, meals, hotel room (2 per room/yet room can hold 4), entrance fees for Rio Lagartos.

Photographer is available for pictures for a fee.