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Hot Air Balloons Mexico city

Mexico City/ Queretaro

Wine, Hot Air Balloons, Museums, Castles what more could you want? This excursion will give you a taste of all of this.

Mexico City is a wonder. One of the largest cities in the World, yet i you really pay attention, it’s a second home. Frustrating at times due to the traffic, that’s not your concern. WE are off to see the history; yet listen to the rhythm of the language. Hear the passion as the City is described. After a local lunch, we are off to Chapultepec Park. One of the largest parks in the Western Hemisphere, is known for its popularity among the people of this city to spend a weekend with the family, either by going to the zoo, walk with the family or go to amusements parks. But mostly it is known for its majestic castle, which was home to some of the monarchs Spanish colony and now has headquarters Castle Museum which we will visit. Off to Queretaro.

Upon arrival, we will deposit our luggage, head to town. A regional dinner; off to hear the legend of the town ghost, complete with reenactment. Afterwards we are gong to absorb in some regional atmosphere. In the morning, early we are off to ride hot air balloons over the area. It is amazing to watch the sunrise as the balloons are filled, fills you with an anticipation; you won’t be disappointed. After breakfast, we head for some wine tasting at “Viñedos La Redonda”. Many regions of Mexico are famous for their wines and cheeses. In May. Tequisquiapan has a festive for wine tasting with cheese. After lunch, with some free time for checking out local markets ( we will provide recommendations or we can take you), we will head back to Mexico City.

The Museum of Anthropology is the third day’s excursion. Wander through this large exhibit filled with different sections of time. History and culture abound here. Six different areas of time eras, we provide two options here, with us guiding or if you prefer wander on your own. Reforma; in the late afternoon, early evening to walk to view the various monuments that encompass the area.

Today we are off to Teotihuacan; the translation “where men becomes gods”. Teotihuacan is one of the most architecturally significant sites. From the Mesoamerican period; you will find many well-preserved structures, with much of the “paintings” still of the original colors. The layout is still evident to view how the Mesoamericans lived. Teotihuacan is believed to have been one of the six largest cities in its era.

Tepoztlan is a “Pueblo Magico” (located approximately 30 minutes from Mexico City) in the state of Morelos. Here we will climb the mountain of Tepoztlan to view the remains of the temple, along with enjoying the breath taking view of the surrounding areas below. Afterwards, stroll into the local market place to enjoy the colors and textures that are so important to the Culture/Heritage of this Country. Of course, no visit is complete with out two items: a Church and a Michelada (a native drink similar to a bloody mary only with beer instead-quite tasty actually).

The last adventure in Mexico City is a taste of “Mexican Venice”. You will enjoy a leisurely dinner/cruise in Xochimilco. Brightly decorated “boats” will wind you around the various canals. Music passes by; large parties pass you by, all while enjoying the system that is still used today to bring various products to market. A wonderful experience you are sure to enjoy. Once back in the heart of the City, a final drink of Pulque, a drink from the Mesoamerica era (yes its alcoholic).



Day 1 Mexico City via Double Decker Bus along with Chapultepec Park. Travel to Queretaro for regional dinner, the town ghost adventure.

Day 2 Queretaro, an early morning departure for Balloon experience. “Viñedos La Redonda” is our next destination;followed by Local Markets in the town square.

Day 3 Museum of Anthropology is on todays schedule. Afterwards, in the late afternoon, the Reforma.

Day 4 The Archaeological site of Teotihuacan awaits you today.

Day 5 Tepoztlan Mountain for the Temple, followed by the local markets. Xochimilco Cruise in the afternoon.

Day 6 Depart.

All transportation, meals (with non-alcoholic drinks) and Lodging are included; your airfare is not. Your Guide will meet you outside Customs in the Mexico City airport.