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Need a short quick getaway? How about a weekend in Oaxaca? Come with Around Mexico to explore this wonderful City, that’s full of tradition.

During this excursion you will get a taste of yester year. Witness the magnificent Black Clay (which this region is famous for) being transformed by hand into a unique pot; wood craving from years gone by; weaving by hand (not a loom).

You will visit Monte Alban, a Mesoamerican Site, one of the earliest sites of this era. Monte Alban was constructed on a low mountain range; with three fertile valleys. The Mesoamericans used a terrace type of building here. They grew their crops on the mountainsides and on terraces. Claiming importance during the pre-eminet Zapotec socio-political time, along with being an economic center.

The Capital City of Oaxaca is filled full of old traditions and heritage. You will see during our visit here the famous Santo Domingo Muesum. Santa Domingo began as a Church and Convent; eventually becoming a museum yet Mass continues in the main church structure.

Last but not least, when in Oaxaca your trip would not be complete without local cuisine or Mescal. You will tour a working distillery, complete with tasting then enjoying local flavors that are a must try, even for the faint at heart!


Day 1 Santo Domingo Muesum during the day; the on to Zapata for the Mescal tour with a Regional tasting.

Day 2 Monte Ablan Archaeological site; then back to the center to explore the city square to wander around enjoy various music groups or dances; followed by dinner on the second floor to continue to enjoy the atmosphere.

Day 3 Santa Thomas to watch the weavers; Dona Rosa to watch hand made pottery that has been passed down generation to generation. Final stop Efrain Fuerte to view Wood Carving creations.

Day 4 Depart


All transportation, meals with beverages (non alcoholic) and hotel rooms are included. Air transfers are not included. Your Guide will meet you outside of Customs in Mexico City.