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Route of Churchs of the Caste War/Kantemo

The Caste War; one of the last stand offs by the Mayan people and the European descendants; began in 1847, it finally ended in 1901. The first stop is the village of Tihosuco; the museum here explains the conflict, along with having wonderful pictures from the era. Your excursion follow the churches built during the Caste War.

Kantemo is next. Arrival is timed for Dusk. A 6 kilometer bicycle ride through the grotto takes you to your destination. A bat cave; the bats come out at night to eat, yet live with snakes that eat them. The snakes hang upside down inside the cave to catch their prey.

Jose Maria Morelos is the next destination; time for a regional dinner and bed.

The following morning, after breakfast, off to the city of Valladolid . Wander around the city to study the Colonial Architecture. Lunch will consist of some of the regional cuisine Valladolid is known for. Following lunch you will visit the San Bernardo museum, then a quick dip in the cenote ZaciĀ“.

Excursion includes: round trip transportation from your hotel, all entrance fees, all guide fees, all meals, hotel charges (2 per room). Photographer can be included for an additional fee.

Note: maximum capicaty is 6 people, children 8 years of age and older is suggested.