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Yucatan and Campeche

Our adventure begins in the capital city of Yucatan, Merida. Historians believe Merida to be one of the oldest cities in the America´s; built-in 1542 by Spanish settlers. The city was constructed over the Mayan settlement of T´ho`. Merida today still has a large population of Mayan descendants; over 60% can claim this heritage. As we stroll around the main square you will notice various influences in the architecture from different cultures such as Mayan, English, French and a bit of Dutch.


In the surrounding areas of Merida, there are several Haciendas open for viewing. As you wander through the Hacienda Yaxcopoil you can get a feel of the life here. Now we are off to Hacienda Temozon, here President Clinton, along with President Bush met with the Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo and Felipe Calderon. Wonderful tastes of history.


The state Campeche with its capital with the same name; was once famous for the Port of Campeche. During the Colonial Era, the area was a large commercial port on the same scale as Havana. Pirates were common place, hence the multiple number of forts. In this excursion, you will visit some of them, along with learning about the history of this area.

Day 1 exploring Merida; we are off to the Gran Mueso del Mundo Maya; explore, study the history of this area, see life as it was on the Haciendas along with Mayan Heritage; then we are off to viewing the Casa Mueso Montes Molina to get a feel of life in 1903.


Day 2 Route of Haciendas. We start at the Hacienda Yaxacopoil, then travel to Hacienda Temozon. Return to Merida for the evening.


Day 3 Campeche, Campeche. Here we will visit the Fort San Miguel, along with the main fort built on the Coast to protect the City from pirates.


Day 4 Return to Merida. Along the way we will stop at Celestun for the Flamingo Reserve and venture to the Pedro Infante Museum.


Day 5 Depart Home.


All hotel rooms, meals and beverages (non alcoholic), transportation are included; airfare is not. Your excursion guide will meet you at the Mexico City airport just outside Customs.

Note: there are more than two haciendas, Around Mexico has selected these two as they provide you an authentic taste of Hacienda living.